Mom with Cancer Takes Time to Volunteer with Daughter!

Rizza Torno and Mom Josette

Rizza Torno and Mom Josette

In last year’s “First Day of Christmas” event, where we decorated an orphanage and a hospital ward,  I was deeply blessed by the presence of a good friend of mine – Rizza Torno – who brought a truck-load of cookies she baked herself for the 25 orphans at Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation.

Rizza Torno (left) 'guarding' the cookies etc. with Edge volunteer Ditas Pangilinan

Rizza Torno (left) 'guarding' the cookies etc. with Edge volunteer Ditas Pangilinan

Far more amazing was that Rizza brought her Cancer Warrior Mom Josette Torno to the 2nd decorating event at the Philippine General Hospital. They were both there with ANOTHER truck-load of homemade cookies!!!

During the little show we prepared for the rehab patients, Josette felt so moved that she took off her brand-new sneakers (they were bright ORANGE) and asked us to give them away. So we held a little ‘Cinderella’ contest on the spot and gave the the designer sneakers away to one VERY happy lady who had the right feet.

I remember the topic of our conversation that day so clearly: Josette was telling me about the medicines she had to pick up that day and how expensive they cost. She found a cheaper source and planned to go pick them up after the decorating event at the ward.

While she was telling me all this, in my head I kept wondering where Josette found the strength to volunteer when she was fighting such a strong enemy. We share the same amazing GOD, the source of all our strength but I still kept wondering…

You see, Josette has been battling breast cancer for the past few years. They thought they had it licked, but a year and a half ago, it returned and somehow spread to her bones. After a series of chemo and radiation treatments doctors say the cancer is still there but has somehow stopped from progressing.

Josette Torno and daughter Rizza

Josette Torno and daughter Rizza

Each day is precious to this woman and her family – her daughter Rizza and her two sons Kiko and Marty, her husband Fransico; they all struggle with the day to day realities of taking care of a loved one with cancer. Through the pain and the cost, Josette and Rizza make time to share with others.

I hope that encourages you, like it does me. Josette and Rizza are God’s reminder to us that we can all rise above the worst situation in life.

Thanks so much Josette… and Rizza…  you both rock our world. We’ve got you in our prayers and we are claiming perfect healing!!!

This year, one of the places The Edge Radio team plans to decorate with your donated Christmas decor is a cancer sanctuary  for children. Please stay tuned for the details; we will update you in the coming days.

If you want to donate your old (or new) Christmas Decor, please text 0918.959.EDGE or call 3390140 during office hours, M-F, to get more information!

We have drop off points for your decor donations in Alabang, Makati, Pasig, Quezon City and Marikina.


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