PCSO Evicting Kids With Cancer!!!

Are we really going to leave homeless these kids with cancer?

First Day of Christmas will continue to ask for your decor donations even if Child House, our beneficiary, faces eviction. I am believing that our government officials will find a solution to this (specially with Christmas being so near) and that we can push through with decorating Child House with your decor donations.

But rest assured that I am working on a Plan B.

We do have a second benficiary this year: the orphans at Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation, so all your decor donations will definitely make a child happy this season.


Update: PCSO reportedly has found a new home for Child House.

When I received notice that our beneficiary, Child House (which supports 70 kids and thier parents) was being evicted from the building they are currently using on E. Rodriguez Boulevard, my jaw went slack and my mind strayed to the early evening I first visited the children living there. I got to meet 8 or 9 kids with cancer who followed me around like little remora fish never leaving my side. Even if they were fighting, they seemed so happy. They kept bugging me with questions about what I did and who I was and I loved it all!

And so it broke my heart to find out that PCSO was evicting them. If I am not mistaken, the children have until the end of November 2010 to find a new place.

Now from what I learned from the lady who sponsors the library at Child House, PCSO is moving to the PICC grounds;  as a result their rent will increase 3x. This means the PCSO HAS to cut costs – and of course, the first to go is the non-earning charity projects like Child House.

Photo: The Audio Visual Room sponsored by UST Alumni. You can see how much the kids love Doctor Erwin!

But before you start wishing for a billion ticks to infest the nether regions of PCSO officials, I’d like to mention that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office has been allowing Child House to stay, rent-free, at the building. PCSO has also been paying for their electricity. So let’s give them credit for that!

But, what I also learned is that the land and buildings PCSO is leaving behind (on E. Rodriguez Boulevard) actually belongs to Quezon Institute. There are also claims being made that the building Child House is using is condemned. And there is some scuttlebutt that QI is selling the land to the SM group. I don’t have proof of that except hearsay so don’t quote me on it.

Photo: One of the clean, spacious wards at Child House where kids with cancer stay with their parents.

Child House’s eviction issue has been broken on ABS-CBN thanks to Mother Ricky Reyes who is one of the biggest sponsors of Child House. But it seems like pleas to let Child House stay until the last child is done with treatments is falling on deaf ears. These kids with cancer come from very poor families in the provinces and have no financial means to live in Manila while undergoing treatment at various public hospitals. They need help!

While I do not know the back story of this issue, one thing I know is that the well-being of these kids with cancer is at stake and their lives are far more important than contracts, financial deals, politics and territorial issues.

Photo: Doctor Erwin and Joyce Burton Titular in the playroom (Ricky Reyes’ project) with the children.

Calling on the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the Quezon Institute and the SM Group (if you guys are indeed buying the property) to let the children stay or help them find a new home. If anyone reading this can help, you can contact me via email – jaedeelight@yahoo.com

There are reportedly plans to barricade Child House on eviction day and I plan on being there. Will update you all on that as I get the news…

Joyce Burton Titular with cancer warriors from Child House



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    • 2
      roselle Says:


      Ako po si Roselle, isang freelance Psychologist na nagnanais tumulong sa CHILD HOME. Aking napanood sa telebisyon ang kasalukuyang kalagayan ng mga bata sa Child Home at naantig po ng sobra ang aking puso. Ako po ay matagal ng nag-iisip ng isang bagay na maaring makatulong sa mga batang nangangailangan kahit sa maliit na paraan lamang. Ako po ay nagpa-planong maglunsad ng isang “fund raising” sa pamamagitan ng “pagpapaampon ng isang manyika” (Adopt a Doll) kapalit ng halaga na maaring makatulong sa mga batang kapus-palad, at ang CHILD HOUSE ang aking napili na mag-benepisyo. Hiling ko lamang po ay mabigyan ako ng mga impormasyon kung paano ang tamang proseso o mga pamamaraan upang magkaroon ako ng ugnayan sa mga nangangasiwa sa CHILD HOME.

      Maraming salamat po at pagpalain kayo ng Poong may Kapal.


      Roselle Limsipson

      • 3
        adventuresofabeautyqueen Says:

        Hi Roselle! Thanks for your generous heart! You can call Daydee of Child House, she can give you more information. Daydee is like the house mother at Child House. The contact number is 4142421. If the phone sounds busy, just stay on. Weird kasi yung ringtone nila.

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