Decor Donations 2010 from Irl and Dits Pangilinan!

First Day of Christmas would like to thank the Pangilinan Family: Irl, Dits and the twins Jodi and Roni for the lovely ornaments and ribbons they donated. These guys are some my “favoritest” people in the WORLD! While they tend to be Bohemian, this family is a wonderful reflection of the love of Jesus Christ!

If you want to donate CHRISTMAS DECOR and other items to the First Day of Christmas project, please text 0918.959.3343 or click here to read info on where to drop them off.

From L-R: Ron T, the blogging beauty queen, Roni and Jody, Dits and Irl showing off all the donated decor!

Ornaments for the tree!

This is Roni... no... I think it's Jody. WAIT... it's Roni... ummm... the only thing I'm sure of is that she's holding silver ribbon in her hands! LOL!

Love the blue, shiny color of these ornaments!

The TWINS - Jody and Roni with their decor donations. I still don't know who is which, LOLOL!



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