Help Us Decorate Boys Town on December 3, 2011!

This mossy archway marks the entrance to Boys Town in Marikina!

This year’s First Day of Christmas Decorating Team goes to Boys Town in Marikina on Saturday, December 3, 2011!

Make your Christmas more meaningful by joining us on that day from 8am to 3pm to spend time with orphaned children and former street kids. We’re going to decorate their home with Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings and other donated decor.

That’s right, we’ll be using DONATED DECOR – that means you can also help in that way by donating USED or NEW Christmas decor as long as it’s still beautiful.

You can also give –

Toys…   Sweet Treats…  Children’s Clothing…   Art Material…    anything a child might like!

Contact 0918.959.3343 to find out where you can drop off your donations!

Major Partners of First Day of Christmas 2011 are The Edge Radio and the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals!


During my first visit to Boys Town I was impressed by the size of the place. The project sits on 23 hectares of land owned by the City of Manila but situated in Parang, Marikina. It was so huuuuge, I felt like I was in the province! This is a wonderful place for children to grow up in, I thought to myself; lots of space to run around, trees to climb and grass to play on.

On the far left is Rolly de Jesus who took me to Boys Town. The folks between us are staffers of Boys Town. The lady beside me is Ms Florentina Porras, OIC Boys Town!

I was welcomed warmly by the people who staff Boys Town and after they heard my plans to decorate the place and spend time with the children, they got very excited and took me around the area. After a quick look, I decided that the best place to hold the decorating party would be in the entertainment hall next to the Olympic-sized swimming pool! Yes, they have a gorgeous pool in there!

If you want to help us make this place beautiful this Christmas, donate some decor and/or volunteer to help decorate with the kids at Boys Town! Text 0918.959.3343 for info!

There were many things I discovered about Boys Town during my time with the ladies there – Boys Town is a City of Manila project for children from that city. It is situated in Marikina only because the property is owned by the City of Manila and they have been there for more than 60 years now.

While Boys Town might make you think that they only have boys living there, they also happened to have a house for girls, another one for toddlers and a separate one for old folks.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that many of the former residents of Boys Town live happy and successful lives. Some of them get adopted by foreigners or Filipinos living abroad.  There is a school on site for them to finish their high school education and learn skills. When they hit 18 and are finished with high school, they are encouraged to find lives outside the walls of the community.

Some of the famous names that have come out of Boys Town include Cong. Gerry Espina, Actor Dante Varona and Director Jun Porras! It just goes to show that even those orphaned and left behind can still be successful given a safe place to live in, good education and the hand of God in their lives.

As I left Boys Town I thanked God for all the people who work at Boys Town, pouring their lives into those children and old folks. I also said a prayer for all the kind-hearted people who visit Boys Town to give donations and spend time with the residents. We need more people like that!

This is just one of the views at Boys Town!



  1. 1
    arlene raguindin Says:

    count me in… art stuff and balloons again from me =)

    • 2
      adventuresofabeautyqueen Says:

      Thanks my dear!!! You are always so supportive of our charity thingies 🙂 mwahhhh

  2. […] it! I had to skip the Mutya ng Pilipinas Beauty Pageant 2011 because of my annual First Day of Christmas Decorating Party – it’s happening tomorrow and I had to spend all day today getting ready for it. But no […]

  3. […] it! I had to skip the Mutya ng Pilipinas Beauty Pageant 2011 because of my annual First Day of Christmas Decorating Party – it’s happening tomorrow and I had to spend all day today getting ready for it. But no […]

  4. […] the midst of that rush came my friends from The Edge Media with our yearly First Day of Christmas celebration. This year it was in Boys Town in Marikina. It also marked the first time ever I went […]

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