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Club 8586 Donates Wheelchair and Toys!

November 29, 2010

It's not my best photo but it says everything about how I feel when I come face to face with generosity and kindness...

The surprise took the breath out me when the guys (and girls) of Club 8586 presented their donations to the First Day of Christmas project. I had come over to Cavite to do some Public Speaking training for Club 8586 (the youth group of A Blessed Church – same church that CNN Awardee Kuya Efren Penaflorida goes to) and did not ask for anything in return except comfort food and coffee, LOLOL!

So the donations (a wheelchair, a walker, clothes, toys, etc.) WERE an extra-special TREAT!

You see, part of my ministry includes training Christians to be more effective communicators. I normally don’t charge for this, so when the Club 8586 brought all these donations – from everyone who attended my training session – I was dumbfounded because there was so much stuff and I didn’t ask for it!

God truly provides!

To the members of Club 8586 and A Blessed Church, thank you for being so thoughtful and for showing me the love of Jesus Christ. I love each and every one of you too and can’t wait to visit you again!

If you want to donate Christmas Decor, food, toys etc. to First Day of Christmas, click here to find out how!

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Members of Club 8586 and all their donations to First Day of Christmas!