7 Beauty Queens and 170 Volunteers Help Out at The First Day of Christmas 2011!

December 12, 2011

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That’s the only word I can use to describe this year’s First Day of Christmas decorating event held at Boystown in Marikina last Saturday, December 3, 2011. People donated tons of Christmas Decorations, toys, food and clothing! There were a few who also donated cash which we used for the Art Materials (we had a Jesus Bday Card contest), the Jesus Birthday Cake, prizes for the games,  gasoline costs, extra food for the volunteers, water and ice.

The party was a joint project between The Edge Radio and PAS – the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals.

At the end of the party, we had three fully decorated trees, one whole entertainment hall decked in trimming, four panels of faux stained glass (Doris Rodriguez and Vida made them by hand!) and more than a hundred happy children!

This is me with Vida Escauriaga... this faux stained glass is his artwork!

Special mention goes to my beauty queen friends:

Maribel Lopez (left) with her decor donations, Evangeline is next to the big box which is full of toys, a donation from one of her friends... even the little boy in the photo had a donation! This photo was taken at Evangeline's Bday part a few weeks ago...

Evangeline Pascual (Miss World Philippines 1973) – for donating meals to the Foundlings of Boystown! Thank you so much darling, for asking your friends to also donate to the project. You are beautiful to the tips of your toes!

Maribel Lopez (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1982) – the “Pasaway na Nanay” showed her soft side when she handed me a plastic bag full of decor! This controversial queen has a compassionate heart!

Beauty queen and actress Alma Concepcion flanked by Luz (our admin head) on the left and me on the right!

Alma Concepcion (Bb. Pilipinas International 1994)  – for attending the event and helping serve the food to the children. She almost was not able to make it, but she found a way to squeeze the party into her busy schedule; I appreciate it a lot, mwah! Miss Friendship ka talaga!

Dang Cecilio (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1979) – this beauty queen was one of the first to respond to my call.  Dang Cecilio quickly pledged to send toys. And I got one big boxload of them when I picked up her donation at her office. Thanks Dang, you are indeed a beauty with a cause!

Thanks to all who donated toys! We had fun playing with them 🙂

Emma Yuhico (Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism 1977) – wow, this is the second year Emma Yuhico baked cookies for First Day of Christmas! She sent over Oatmeal Cookies and Chocolate Chip cookies. They were so beautifully tempting but I did not take even a bite. They all went to the girls living at Boystown!

Carla Lizardo (Mutya ng Pilipinas Intercontinental 2010) – and her Mom Chat, dropped off some sweet treats and goodies for the children of BoysTown! Last year, they sent cakes! Maraming salamat!

Izza Gonzales (Bb. Pilipinas Maja 1985) – my co-winner in the Bb. Pilipinas 1985 was able to send boxes and boxes of juice and muffins! Thanks so much my dear,  I love you for your kindness!

Other highlight of the First Day of Christmas 2011 decorating party at Boystown:

All the volunteers from UP Manila!

Sarah Johnson of UP Manila brought over 120 of her students! They played frisbee with the children, helped finish off the decorating and guided the children during the Jesus Birthday Card contest. Big help guys and girls!

Isabella de Leon and her Dad Dean perform a few songs while the Foudlings sang along...

Actress/Singer Isabella de Leon showed up with her Dad Dean to sing a few songs for the children – they all sang along! Thanks Isabella, you were sick that day and yet you made it. You are one SUPER DUPER TROOPER!

One of the Lolas living at Boystown reads a copy of the Daily Bread...

Becca Music (courtesy of Stan Kui) sent more than 300 Daily Bread Devotionals which I was able to give away at the Old Folks home in Boystown. Yes, they have a home for abandoned Lolos and Lolas and I gave them Daily Bread Devos and Word for You Today magazines.

Avon (the beauty product company) also donated 275 slippers and 740 t-shirts to Boystown. Thanks so much for the support!

Frisbee Clinic - Mark (on the left) with Joan (beside him) and Ruby Ang (on the right) with the Boystown teens in their new Frisbee Jerseys!

And the biggest fruit of our effort – some Frisbee players came to do a clinic out in the field with the bigger boys while we decorated the entertainment hall inside. At the end of the clinic, the Frisbee players, headed by Ruby Ang said they are planning to come back to do regular Frisbee training with the older kids. According to them, they found two or three naturals who took to throwing frisbees like a fish to water!

Please view our slideshow and be inspired by the children of Boystown and all the volunteers and donors who helped make the First Day of Christmas 2011 a success!!!

Me with some of the girls who live in Boystown!

Thanks so much to all of you who donated decor, food, money, time, toys, clothing etc. Without you this party would not have been possible. I thank God for thoughtful people like you who are willing to go out of their way to help the less fortunate. May He bless you mightily in everything you do!


Help Us Decorate Boys Town on December 3, 2011!

November 3, 2011

This mossy archway marks the entrance to Boys Town in Marikina!

This year’s First Day of Christmas Decorating Team goes to Boys Town in Marikina on Saturday, December 3, 2011!

Make your Christmas more meaningful by joining us on that day from 8am to 3pm to spend time with orphaned children and former street kids. We’re going to decorate their home with Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings and other donated decor.

That’s right, we’ll be using DONATED DECOR – that means you can also help in that way by donating USED or NEW Christmas decor as long as it’s still beautiful.

You can also give –

Toys…   Sweet Treats…  Children’s Clothing…   Art Material…    anything a child might like!

Contact 0918.959.3343 to find out where you can drop off your donations!

Major Partners of First Day of Christmas 2011 are The Edge Radio and the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals!


During my first visit to Boys Town I was impressed by the size of the place. The project sits on 23 hectares of land owned by the City of Manila but situated in Parang, Marikina. It was so huuuuge, I felt like I was in the province! This is a wonderful place for children to grow up in, I thought to myself; lots of space to run around, trees to climb and grass to play on.

On the far left is Rolly de Jesus who took me to Boys Town. The folks between us are staffers of Boys Town. The lady beside me is Ms Florentina Porras, OIC Boys Town!

I was welcomed warmly by the people who staff Boys Town and after they heard my plans to decorate the place and spend time with the children, they got very excited and took me around the area. After a quick look, I decided that the best place to hold the decorating party would be in the entertainment hall next to the Olympic-sized swimming pool! Yes, they have a gorgeous pool in there!

If you want to help us make this place beautiful this Christmas, donate some decor and/or volunteer to help decorate with the kids at Boys Town! Text 0918.959.3343 for info!

There were many things I discovered about Boys Town during my time with the ladies there – Boys Town is a City of Manila project for children from that city. It is situated in Marikina only because the property is owned by the City of Manila and they have been there for more than 60 years now.

While Boys Town might make you think that they only have boys living there, they also happened to have a house for girls, another one for toddlers and a separate one for old folks.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that many of the former residents of Boys Town live happy and successful lives. Some of them get adopted by foreigners or Filipinos living abroad.  There is a school on site for them to finish their high school education and learn skills. When they hit 18 and are finished with high school, they are encouraged to find lives outside the walls of the community.

Some of the famous names that have come out of Boys Town include Cong. Gerry Espina, Actor Dante Varona and Director Jun Porras! It just goes to show that even those orphaned and left behind can still be successful given a safe place to live in, good education and the hand of God in their lives.

As I left Boys Town I thanked God for all the people who work at Boys Town, pouring their lives into those children and old folks. I also said a prayer for all the kind-hearted people who visit Boys Town to give donations and spend time with the residents. We need more people like that!

This is just one of the views at Boys Town!

First Day of Christmas 2010 in Child House, A SUCCESS!!!

January 7, 2011

With all the hard word and dedication, The Edge Radio staff and a huge team of volunteers were able to make Christmas a little prettier for the 58 children (with cancer and other long term illnesses) living at Child House in Quezon City.

The other good thing is that we were able to involve  about 75  friends who donated Christmas decor, food, time, money, skills, etc. etc. to make this year’s “First Day of Christmas” bigger than ever!

Click here to read Edwin Arceo’s (of Operation Blessing) blog post on the Child House party. A post with GREAT PHOTOS!

Click here to read A Woman with A Mission’s experience helping out at Child House. This post will TOUCH YOUR HEART! It’s got photos too 🙂

And below is a slideshow of what transpired at Child House:

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Decor Donations 2010 from Irl and Dits Pangilinan!

December 7, 2010

First Day of Christmas would like to thank the Pangilinan Family: Irl, Dits and the twins Jodi and Roni for the lovely ornaments and ribbons they donated. These guys are some my “favoritest” people in the WORLD! While they tend to be Bohemian, this family is a wonderful reflection of the love of Jesus Christ!

If you want to donate CHRISTMAS DECOR and other items to the First Day of Christmas project, please text 0918.959.3343 or click here to read info on where to drop them off.

From L-R: Ron T, the blogging beauty queen, Roni and Jody, Dits and Irl showing off all the donated decor!

Ornaments for the tree!

This is Roni... no... I think it's Jody. WAIT... it's Roni... ummm... the only thing I'm sure of is that she's holding silver ribbon in her hands! LOL!

Love the blue, shiny color of these ornaments!

The TWINS - Jody and Roni with their decor donations. I still don't know who is which, LOLOL!


First Day of Christmas 2010 on RPN9!

December 2, 2010

Super cool! First Day of Christmas got featured on RPN News Watch on Channel 9! Click below to watch 🙂

Club 8586 Donates Wheelchair and Toys!

November 29, 2010

It's not my best photo but it says everything about how I feel when I come face to face with generosity and kindness...

The surprise took the breath out me when the guys (and girls) of Club 8586 presented their donations to the First Day of Christmas project. I had come over to Cavite to do some Public Speaking training for Club 8586 (the youth group of A Blessed Church – same church that CNN Awardee Kuya Efren Penaflorida goes to) and did not ask for anything in return except comfort food and coffee, LOLOL!

So the donations (a wheelchair, a walker, clothes, toys, etc.) WERE an extra-special TREAT!

You see, part of my ministry includes training Christians to be more effective communicators. I normally don’t charge for this, so when the Club 8586 brought all these donations – from everyone who attended my training session – I was dumbfounded because there was so much stuff and I didn’t ask for it!

God truly provides!

To the members of Club 8586 and A Blessed Church, thank you for being so thoughtful and for showing me the love of Jesus Christ. I love each and every one of you too and can’t wait to visit you again!

If you want to donate Christmas Decor, food, toys etc. to First Day of Christmas, click here to find out how!

To find out more about the training I do for churches and youth groups, click on School of Edge!

Members of Club 8586 and all their donations to First Day of Christmas!

Hooray!!! Plans to Decorate Child House Will PUSH THROUGH!

November 24, 2010

Great news! The kids at Child House will be allowed to stay in their current residence on the PCSO grounds until May 2011! I recieved the good news from Lizanne, the lady who sponsors the library/classroom (called Aklatan ni Mikka) at Child House. That means our plan to decorate Child House in December is PUSHING THRU!!!

Click here to read about how Child House almost got kicked out.

Right now our greatest donation need:

Christmas Decor and Food for the Kids, Sweet Treats and Toys!

Doctor Erwin and Joyce Burton Titular in the playroom (Ricky Reyes' project) with the children...

We already have several donated Christmas trees and lots of clothes. Even a wheelchair!!!

And we also have a sponsor for the Jesus Birthday Cake – that’s right, singer/dancer Sam Concepcion and his family have offered to sponsor the Jesus Birthday cake ONCE AGAIN! He has been donating cakes every year since we started the First Day of Christmas decorating ministry three years ago.

So we are green-and-go to spruce up Child House on Dec 15, 2010. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer decorator, please text 0918.959.3343.

Click here to find out where you can drop of your donations or text the number above if you have questions 🙂


Sherrimae from Shepherd of the Hills Orphanage enjoys the Jesus Bday Cake given by performer Sam Concepcion and family! This was an AMAZINGLY delicious Previewfondant cake that got WIPED out in 5 minutes!


PCSO Evicting Kids With Cancer!!!

November 12, 2010

Are we really going to leave homeless these kids with cancer?

First Day of Christmas will continue to ask for your decor donations even if Child House, our beneficiary, faces eviction. I am believing that our government officials will find a solution to this (specially with Christmas being so near) and that we can push through with decorating Child House with your decor donations.

But rest assured that I am working on a Plan B.

We do have a second benficiary this year: the orphans at Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation, so all your decor donations will definitely make a child happy this season.


Update: PCSO reportedly has found a new home for Child House.

When I received notice that our beneficiary, Child House (which supports 70 kids and thier parents) was being evicted from the building they are currently using on E. Rodriguez Boulevard, my jaw went slack and my mind strayed to the early evening I first visited the children living there. I got to meet 8 or 9 kids with cancer who followed me around like little remora fish never leaving my side. Even if they were fighting, they seemed so happy. They kept bugging me with questions about what I did and who I was and I loved it all!

And so it broke my heart to find out that PCSO was evicting them. If I am not mistaken, the children have until the end of November 2010 to find a new place.

Now from what I learned from the lady who sponsors the library at Child House, PCSO is moving to the PICC grounds;  as a result their rent will increase 3x. This means the PCSO HAS to cut costs – and of course, the first to go is the non-earning charity projects like Child House.

Photo: The Audio Visual Room sponsored by UST Alumni. You can see how much the kids love Doctor Erwin!

But before you start wishing for a billion ticks to infest the nether regions of PCSO officials, I’d like to mention that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office has been allowing Child House to stay, rent-free, at the building. PCSO has also been paying for their electricity. So let’s give them credit for that!

But, what I also learned is that the land and buildings PCSO is leaving behind (on E. Rodriguez Boulevard) actually belongs to Quezon Institute. There are also claims being made that the building Child House is using is condemned. And there is some scuttlebutt that QI is selling the land to the SM group. I don’t have proof of that except hearsay so don’t quote me on it.

Photo: One of the clean, spacious wards at Child House where kids with cancer stay with their parents.

Child House’s eviction issue has been broken on ABS-CBN thanks to Mother Ricky Reyes who is one of the biggest sponsors of Child House. But it seems like pleas to let Child House stay until the last child is done with treatments is falling on deaf ears. These kids with cancer come from very poor families in the provinces and have no financial means to live in Manila while undergoing treatment at various public hospitals. They need help!

While I do not know the back story of this issue, one thing I know is that the well-being of these kids with cancer is at stake and their lives are far more important than contracts, financial deals, politics and territorial issues.

Photo: Doctor Erwin and Joyce Burton Titular in the playroom (Ricky Reyes’ project) with the children.

Calling on the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the Quezon Institute and the SM Group (if you guys are indeed buying the property) to let the children stay or help them find a new home. If anyone reading this can help, you can contact me via email – jaedeelight@yahoo.com

There are reportedly plans to barricade Child House on eviction day and I plan on being there. Will update you all on that as I get the news…

Joyce Burton Titular with cancer warriors from Child House

Got Spare Christmas Decor? Donate them NOW!

November 8, 2010

Now that Christmas 2010 is here, the Edge Radio is ready to accept YOUR CHRISTMAS DECOR DONATIONS for 2010!

Aside from DECOR we also accept: Toys, food, clothes, art material and cash donations ETC. This year’s TWO beneficiaries that we will decorate using your donations: Child House at the PCSO in QC and Jesus Loves the Little Children Orphanage in Pasig.

While we appreciate old decor, we also enjoy it when friends send us brand new stuff! Last year, a businessman donated a brand new Christmas tree (the one below) which we put up in Shepherd of the Hills Orphanage in Project 4, QC.

Rodalyn of Shepherd of the Hills Orphanage next to the brand new tree donated last year!

Drop off points for your donations:

DROP OFF CENTERS: (Please label your donations with name and contact details!!!)
Alabang – ToThe Edge Radio, Care of Armi or Christine
Arboso, Sedena and Associates Unit 908,
9th Floor Civic Place, Civic Drive Philinvest,
Alabang, Muntinglupa (Right Across Asian Hospital)                                                                                                                                Phone number – 0915.301.7402
The Edge Radio Unit 301,
State Condo I Building Salcedo Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati
(please text 0918.959.3343 for directions – Makati has lots of 1 way streets.)
Pasig – To the Edge Radio, Care of Pastor Rachel Sanchez
River of God Office Basement, Robinson’s Galleria
(this is the level where Abenson’s and the Bingo place is, it’s beside
Ryan Cayabyab’s School of Music.)
Quezon City – Care of Joyce Titular
Channel 9 News Department Broadcast City,
Capitol Hills, QC
(Ch9 is on the way to Celebrity Sports)
You can leave donations with the guard at the gate
OTHER AREAS Please text 0918.959.EDGE to coordinate drop off/pick up in other areas.
If you have any questions, please text 0918.959.3343 or call 339.0140 M-F during office hours.

Decorating takes lots of patience and love! Merry Christmas!!!

Drop Off Centers for your Decor Donations!

November 13, 2009
What do I do with this old decor?

What do I do with this old but pretty decor?

Have you rummaged through your old Christmas decor? You might find something still usable and beautiful. I’m collecting Christmas Decor Donations for the First Day of Christmas project where we aim to ‘invade’ an orphanage, decorate it and then share with the children the real story of the First Day of Christmas when Jesus was born.

If you would like to share your Christmas decor (old or new) we are in need of the following:
A Christmas Tree – at least 6 feet
Tinsel and Trimming
Wall Decor
Mini Christmas Trees
This Mini Christmas Tree and 30 others just like it were donated by Belo Medical Clinic!

This Mini Christmas Tree and 30 others just like it were donated by Belo Medical Clinic!

If you have NO decor, that’s okay. There are many other ways to help! You can send donations like:
Sweet Treats (special request from the kids: Krispy Kremes and Hot Chocolate but other sweets are WELCOME)
Books and Toys
Basic needs
Cash donations (via Paypal) Just go to our website – http://www.theedgeradio.net/edgetvpage/manila and click on
the Support Us tab. That will take you to our Paypal site.
All your Decor Donations etc. will be used to decorate and bless the Shepherd of the Hills Orphanage in Project 4!!!   
DROP OFF CENTERS: (Please label your donations with name and contact details!!!)

Alabang – Care of Grace
Arboso, Sedena and Associates
Unit 908, 9th Floor
Civic Place, Civic Drive
Philinvest, Alabang, Muntinglupa
(Right Across Asian Hospital)

The Edge Radio
Unit 301, State Condo I Building
Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village,
(please text 0918.959.3343 for directions – Makati has lots of 1 way streets.)

Pasig – Care of Bona
River of God Office
Basement, Robinson’s Galleria
(this is the level where Abenson’s and the Bingo place is)

Quezon City – Care of Joyce Titular
Channel 9 News Department
Broadcast City, Capitol Hills, QC
(Ch9 is on the way to Celebrity Sports)
You can leave donations with the guard at the gate

Please text 0918.959.EDGE to
coordinate drop off in Marikina.

If you have any questions, please text 0918.959.3343 or call
339.0140 M-F during office hours.

Ron with a Candy Cane donation!

Ron with a Candy Cane donation!